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Outgoing Steering Committee members

At our Annual Meeting in September, four members of the Friends steering committee wrapped up their terms of office. A very big thank you to Maria Tumang, Shirley Lowe, Pam Koskovich, and Fran Guthery for their dedication and commitment during their tenures.

Pam Koskovich

Many thanks to Pam for her past work on keeping our Facebook page up-to-date!  If you haven’t yet, check out our page (Facebook@FriendsofMorse or use the link under Useful Links above) for many new and interesting factoids, and don’t forget to like and follow us on Facebook.

Thanks Emily Tumang!

Emily Tumang is our new volunteer website administrator.  She is instrumental in giving the site its’ new look and is responsible for its’ maintenance.  Emily is a new graduate of Olin College working in computer programming.  Let her know if you have a website that could use a facelift.

September 2016 Book Sale

Thank you to the patrons and volunteers who made the recent Book Sale such a success. The Friends made $10746.70.  A special note of thanks to all who donated books without which there would be no sale.  And a big shout out to those who donated their time and energy to make the Sale happen.

Book Nook

The Friends have opened the Book Nook in the front lobby of the Library. You’ll find the same low prices as our Book Sales with adult hard cover books for $1 each and 50 cents each for paperbacks and children’s books. CDs at $2.00 per disc. Stop by and check us out!

Thank you to the patrons and volunteers who made the recent Book Sale such a success. The Friends made $8925.40. A special note of appreciation to members who donated books and especially to those who donated their time before and during the Sale.

Laura Gillenwater

A volunteer at the book sale since 2002, Laura tells us more about her role with the book sale, and her interests outside the library.

Sally McCoubrey Friends Treasurer

Sally has been a supporter of the Library for over 12 years. She has worked almost every booksale in the last 10 years, and has served as a Steering Committee member since 1993.

Terri and Bruce Evans

Terri and Bruce Evans have been incredibly dedicated Friends members and volunteers for more than ten years. They have been especially visible as a team over the past three years working on book sorting functions for the Book Sales.


Marjorie Gove has given generously of her creative talents and commitment since the Friends was founded in 1990. Marjorie, a freelance writer with a range of corporate and institutional clients, designed the Friends’ first membership brochure, and has contributed countless newsletter articles and promotional pieces.

Those online and newspaper listings of upcoming book sales? Marjorie sends them out for every sale, drawing shoppers from throughout eastern Massachusetts and beyond.